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Brackets for Every Patient Need

Orthodontic brackets are a key part in traditional braces. They in a sense act like handles, holding the archwire of choice against the teeth, allowing movement. Typically these brackets are in front and centered on each tooth.

Instruments Built to Last

Any instrument your office could need, from bracket placers to utility pliers and Mathieu needle holders.

Clinical Performance Wires

From Nickel Titanium to Beta Titanium, nitinol, stainless steel, pre-torqued, thermal, RCS and retraction arches.

I have known Ortho Arch for over 3 decades… I always found them ever-willing to look after all our needs to run our practice thousands of miles away in Mumbai, India. We value this kinship and we feel Ortho Arch is a must for any growing Orthodontic practice.

Dr. Mani K. Prakash, M.D.S. Orthodontist

Ortho Arch knows what orthodontics is about. They understand the high quality of orthodontic treatment that patients need. They have been listening to orthodontists needs for years and there is nothing I would change about Ortho Arch.
Dr. Kazumi Ikeda Orthodontist

Ortho Arch can always be counted on to provide excellent materials and services for orthodontic clinicians. They give excellent superlative support for your clinical requirements and respond quickly to any and all ordinary and extraordinary needs.

Dr. Larry White Orthodontist

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